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My experience with Darzah! A note from our amazing customer Nahid!

My experience with Darzah! A note from our amazing customer Nahid!

I was at an all-women’s event when I saw these gorgeous red shoes out of the corner of my eye, in what looked like a Palestinian motif. As a Palestinian-American woman, I’m always looking for fashion that can tie to my heritage, while still being stylish. I love and yearn for the delicate tatreez of my mother’s thobes, incorporated into items that I can wear here. I immediately walked over to get a closer look, hoping to find that I wasn’t wrong. What I found at the Darzah booth was beyond my expectations. Not only did I find beautiful shoes and bags and home decor with hand crafted tatreez in gorgeous patterns, I also found an incredible organization that provides opportunities for women very near to my heart.

What attracted me the most to Darzah wasn’t the beautifully designed heels or leather chokers that were on display (though that sure didn’t hurt!) – it was the mission they stood for and the passion they held for that mission. The fact that Darzah is so focused on women’s empowerment, specifically for those living in the West Bank, Palestine, is what really sealed the deal for me. I bought my first pair of Darzah heels that day, followed by gifts for others (and let’s be real, myself). Whenever I wear my red tatreez heels, I get hounded down with “where’d you get those?!” all night and it makes me so excited and proud to be able to share Darzah’s mission with other women.

On top of being an incredible organization, Darzah also runs a smooth ship. Every single Darzah employee that I’ve encountered, personally and professionally, has been passionate about the work they do and incredibly kind. Whenever I order online, my items arrive beautifully and perfectly packaged. I highly recommend Darzah to anyone looking for something unique, beautiful, and timeless.

Nahid Wardeh