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    Handcrafting dreams

    Handcrafting dreams

    True aspirations cannot be stopped by limitations. By creating these 100% handmade Tatreez items, over 28 ambitious women of the West Bank have found a way of handcrafting their dreams with Darzah.

    Each purchase is a gift

    Each purchase is a gift

    Darzah is a project of a non-profit enterprise called Child's Cup Full. 80% of every dollar you spend goes into creating long-term job opportunities for women in Palestine.

    Every contribution matters

    Every contribution matters

    Your non-profit contributions play a huge role in bringing a positive change to the lives of our women artisans and their families in Palestine. Donations are Zakat eligible and endorsed by Al-Sheikh Ebad Al-Hamid Atah Bethlehem, Palestine. All donations are tax-deductible.

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    Donate to support the Palestinian artisans further to empower them with secured jobs and living.

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