100% Handmade

Each Darzah creation is entirely handmade by our talented artisans in the West Bank. Our team has grown to include six full-time and 22 part-time workers from Zababdeh and neighboring regions. These women specialize in Palestinian tatreez embroidery, a traditional art form that has been passed down from mother to daughter for centuries. Every tatreez motif holds significant meaning that shares a story in each stitch.


Tatreez embroidery requires an impressive amount of skill and each motif calls for a different set of techniques and materials. For example, our Tatreez Flats take 18 hours or more to embroider, while designs with two or more colors significantly increases the amount of time needed for a motif. Due to the intensive nature of the embroidery style, working for eight continuous hours isn’t feasible, so most of our artisans choose to work from home. This allows them the freedom to simultaneously work on their own schedule and tend to household commitments, such as caring for their families.

Our process typically includes embroidery on an evenweave cloth that allows for evenly spaced stitching. When working with fine fabrics, such as silks and linens, this process is even more involved. Gridded fabric must be secured to the fine fabrics before the embroidery can be added. Once the design is completed, the gridded fabric is removed string by string until only the motif is displayed. The process is extremely time-intensive, but the results are gorgeous tatreez motifs.

In order to preserve and celebrate the tatreez art form, we have created the Tatreez Archive, a database to search and upload motifs. Visit the site to learn more about the motifs featured in our designs. If you’re interested in creating a custom design or learning more about how our products are made, feel free to email us at hello@darzah.org.

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