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100% Handmade

Each Darzah creation is made from start to finish by our talented artisans in the West Bank, Palestine. Our team has now grown to include 6 full-time artisans and 22 part-time artisans from Zababdeh and its neighboring villages.  Our artisans specialize Palestinian "tatreez" embroidery, a centuries-old art form, historically passed down from mother to daughter. Traditionally, each embroidery motif holds  significant meaning. In this way, Tatreez embroidery is something of a Palestinian cultural phenomenon, sharing stories through every stitch.


Each Tatreez piece requires an impressive amount of skill. Some products, such as our Tatreez Flats, take 18 hours or more to embroider, depending on size. Due to the demanding nature of Tatreez embroidery, working for 8 continuous hours is virtually impossible. Typically, the artisans choose to work from home, which allows them to simultaneously care for their families. This model is made possible by our lead artisan, Rahaf. She is our go-to for product development and coordination, specializing in sourcing, sampling, color coordination, and project management.  

Each design and motif requires different techniques and materials, which impacts the time and skill required. For example, designs with 2 or more colors significantly increase the amount of time it takes to complete the embroidery process. The majority of our designs are embroidered on an evenweave cloth that facilitates evenly spaced stitching. When working with finer fabrics, such as silks and linens, the process is more involved. A gridded fabric must be secured to the finer fabric before the embroidery can be added. Once finished with the design, it is necessary to remove the gridded fabric, string by string, until only the motif is left on the desired fabric. This process is extremely time-intensive but the results are gorgeous.  

In order to preserve and promote this art form, we have created the Tatreez Archive, a database where you can search for motifs or upload your own. Visit the site to learn more about the motifs featured in our designs. 

If you are interested in creating a custom design or learning more about how our products are made, feel free to email us at! We’d love to connect with you.