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Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit Organization


Darzah is a part of Child’s Cup Full, a 501(c)3 non-profit social enterprise. The idea for Child's Cup Full began in 2008, when Dr. Janette Habashi, a professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Oklahoma, accompanied her students on a small fundraising initiative to support grassroots education programs for refugee children in the West Bank. The local Palestinian community appreciated their assistance, but a group of mothers approached Dr. Habashi, looking for a long term solution to their economic difficulties and asked if she could help find them jobs. As the local economy does not offer reliable work to women, Dr. Habashi knew that finding these women reliable work would be extremely challenging.  

After much contemplation, Dr. Habashi knew the best solution would be creating jobs for these local mothers. Thus, Child’s Cup Full was born. Despite not having any background in business, Dr. Habashi was committed to helping these women and this brave decision was supported by her community at the University of Oklahoma, so long as she took the business courses they recommended. 


After a semester of business classes, Dr. Habashi set out on developing a brand that could utilize her background in educational psychology, and the mother’s desire to work. This led to the creation of Zeki Learning, Darzah’s sister brand. Zeki Learning is a children’s educational resource brand committed to creating high-quality learning materials for preschool-age children that support cognitive development and language learning. The brand exclusively employs women from Zabedah and it’s neighboring villages, where access to work is particularly scarce. 

As word began to circulate about Child’s Cup Full and the jobs it was creating, more and more women began approaching the organization for work. In order to help more women, Dr. Habshi decided to form a second brand under CCF. Inspired by the prevalent knowledge of Tatreez embroidery in the region, Dr. Habashi decided to create Darzah. 


Since its founding in 2014, Darzah has grown to include 6 full-time artisans and 22 part-time artisans. CCF has created an artisan center, located in Zababdeh, where our artisans come together to build community. Due to the demanding nature of Tatreez embroidery, our artisans tend to work from home. This model is made possible by our lead artisan, Rahaf, who delegates work and coordinates the pickup and drop off of projects to each artisan. As Darzah brings on new artisans, Rahaf travels to their homes to train them in additional techniques and skills, such as how to embroider more efficiently. 

 Women from the community continually contact us in search of job opportunities. As we grow, we are able to hire more women and  offer our current artisans additional training, and that is why growth is central to our company.


Click here to find out more about Darzah’s mission and artisans.

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