Empowering Palestinian Women Artisans: A Tale of Strength and Resilience

Empowering Palestinian Women Artisans: A Tale of Strength and Resilience

At Darzah, our commitment to empowering Palestinian women artisans is not just a mission; it's the heartbeat of our existence. Our journey began with a group of local mothers in the West Bank who approached us, expressing their desire for meaningful work. Without them, Darzah would not be the beacon of empowerment it is today.

In the West Bank, where an alarming 60% of women face unemployment, Darzah has become a source of hope and support. For many women, earning a sustainable income was once an unattainable dream. We are dedicated to breaking barriers and concentrate solely on the willingness, strength, and resilience of our women artisans.

Acknowledging the challenges these women face, including transportation constraints, we support them with choices. The safety and well-being of our artisans are our top priorities.
Our artisans can work from the comfort of their homes, allowing them to balance work and family responsibilities seamlessly.

In the face of adversity, our Palestinian artisans have endured the harrowing impact of Israel's attacks, creating unimaginable hardships for all Palestinians. Many of our artisans have faced struggles, with some even losing family and friends. Despite facing numerous challenges, the artisans at Darzah exhibit strength and resilience, eager to showcase their dedication and support for Palestine through the art of falahi and tahriri tatreez.

This Women's Day, we honor our resilient artisans who continue for the love of their homeland, Palestine. Every day is a celebration of their strength, and on this special occasion, we amplify their voices, showcasing the art of tatreez to the world. Together, we empower, inspire, and create a future where Palestinian women artisans shine bright.


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