A Look Back at 2023 for Palestine and Darzah Artisans

A Look Back at 2023 for Palestine and Darzah Artisans

As we step into 2024 with hope and resolutions, Darzah's commitment remains steadfast— advocating for the liberation and freedom of Palestine, a land currently besieged by colonization and conflict.

The events of 2023 cast a shadow over Darzah's operations, yet our determination to support our artisans and community remains resolute.

The struggle escalated dramatically with the emergence of war in October 2023 , compounding the daily trauma faced by Palestinians since 1948. Basic necessities like water and resources have become scarce in Gaza, depriving the people of their rightful sustenance and security within their homeland.

The emergence of unspeakable violence has brought devastation to innocent lives of Palestinians in Gaza. Bombings indiscriminately strike schools and hospitals, marking a profound moral failure. International support for Palestine's plight has been notably absent, and the human toll is immeasurable, with over 20,000 casualties, 57,000 injured and over 26,000 people missing, along with countless homes destroyed, leaving many homeless. The restrictions on water and resources further exacerbates the crisis.

Violence in the West Bank continues to grow. Our Darzah artisans in the West Bank faced a profoundly challenging year. The unfolding events caused a temporary pause in the operation of our artisan center due to safety concerns and production has non returned to normal levels. Our commitment to our artisans’ well-being remains steadfast, as does our artisans’ desire to show solidarity through tatreez embroidery.  

For nearly 3 months now, the cycle of atrocities has persisted in Palestine, overshadowing the plight of its people. Despite the ongoing suffering, the situation seems largely forgotten by world leaders, leaving Palestinians to feel helpless. Our artisans face ongoing limitations in their daily lives due to restrictions in the West Bank. The enduring war remains a harrowing reality, largely overlooked by many.

Yet, amid these challenges, the Palestinian people display unwavering resilience, advocating for their freedom and a more promising future in 2024 and beyond. Darzah stands firmly in solidarity, echoing their calls for liberation and freedom for Palestine.

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