Gifts with a Purpose: Share Love and Empower Palestinian Artisans this Holiday Season with Darzah !

Gifts with a Purpose: Share Love and Empower Palestinian Artisans this Holiday Season with Darzah !

The holiday season embodies the joy of togetherness, gift-giving, and creating cherished memories. This year, why not gift your loved ones something special that not only brings a smile to their faces but also supports Palestinian artisan women?

Darzah, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to showcasing the Palestinian art of Tatreez by offering a diverse range of unique and modern products. Every purchase supports Palestinian women artisans who meticulously craft all Darzah products.

This holiday season, we've handpicked our top recommendations below, but feel free to explore our offerings to find that perfect gift for your loved ones with a meaningful cause.

  • Boots: As winter sets in, embrace it with our 100% handmade Tatreez embroidered boots, skillfully crafted by Palestinian shoemakers  in Hebron. Each delicate embroidery on these boots showcases cultural richness from Palestine. Not only do these boots elevate your style, but they also champion the art of Tatreez, preserving Palestinian heritage.


  • Aprons: For your chef or baking enthusiasts, our high-quality aprons adorned with Tatreez motifs are a perfect gift. The intricate embroidery on these aprons not only adds vibrancy but also signifies the rich heritage of Palestine.


  • Velvet Tatreez Crossbody Bag: Our exquisite crossbody bag, made from velvet and adorned with intricate red Tatreez embroidery, makes a wonderful Christmas present. Perfect for everyday use, these bags are hand-embroidered by refugee and low-income women artisans, showcasing traditional Palestinian designs.


  • Bundles: Explore our thoughtfully curated bundles featuring Tatreez and Tahriri embroidered home decor items and fashion accessories. Each bundle is a beautiful assortment handmade by Palestinian women artisans, filled with love.


Every purchase you make contributes to a better life for our artisans, empowering women and fostering hope and resilience in Palestine. Join us in supporting Palestinian artisans and preserving their heritage. Darzah extends warm holiday wishes to all our customers!

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