The Children of Palestine

The Children of Palestine

Darzah was born out of a profound recognition of the purity and innocence embodied by children. This realization led us on a heartfelt journey to create something truly extraordinary, aligning our mission with a cause dear to our hearts. Thus, Zeki Learning (our sister brand) was born—not merely as a brand, but as a testament to our dedication to crafting handmade toys and educational resources inspired by Montessori learning principles. These creations are designed to nurture every aspect of a child's development, enhancing fine motor skills, sensory awareness, language acquisition, and emotional intelligence.

Our goal extends beyond mere education; we aim to empower by creating imaginative learning tools while also supporting mothers and women artisans in our community. Read more about Zeki on our blog here.

When we think of the children of Palestine, our hearts swell with empathy and sorrow for their plight. A mother is a child's universe, a source of love, guidance, and resilience. In Palestine, countless mothers have been lost to violence, leaving innumerable children orphaned and deprived of the irreplaceable love that only a mother can offer.

Tragically, many Palestinian children do not survive to see their 18th birthday. Countless innocent lives are cut short, their dreams left unfulfilled. Basic rights, which many around the world take for granted, are out of reach. The simple joys of childhood—playing freely, exploring without fear—are overshadowed by a relentless search for food, water, and shelter, as the ongoing attacks ruin it all.

On top of this, Palestinian children face constant diseases, malnutrition, and near-death experiences, enduring traumas that scar them for eternity.

At Darzah, we stand in solidarity with these children, offering our unwavering support. Our women artisans, who courageously balance the demands of work and family amidst dire circumstances, are not just skilled craftsmen but also nurturing mothers. We strive to help them with all of our – and your –  support.
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