Zeki: The beginning of Darzah

Zeki: The beginning of Darzah

While Darzah proudly embraces Palestinian heritage through the artistry of Fallahi - Tatreez and Tahriri in modern lifestyle products, its roots lie in something heartwarmingly sweet - "Zeki". Our core purpose has always been to empower the people of Palestine, especially its women, by providing meaningful employment that preserves their rich cultural legacy.

Recognizing the purity and innocence of children, we embarked on a special journey to create something extraordinary while supporting our cause. Enter Zeki - not just a brand, but a commitment to crafting handmade toys and learning resources inspired by Montessori principles. These offerings foster fine motor skills, sensory development, language acquisition, and emotional intelligence – nurturing every facet of a child's growth.

Still, these creations encompass more than mere craftsmanship. Each toy is lovingly handcrafted by Palestinian women artisans, adhering to ethical practices under fair trade standards. Zeki toys are crafted by the very artisans who create Darzah, all under one roof.  Utilising locally sourced materials and repurposing scraps, these toys guarantee not only safety—devoid of harmful substances or chemicals—but also echo a sustainable ethos.

This holiday season, gift your child more than a toy - offer a token of hope, resilience, and the cherished essence of Palestinian heritage.

Every Zeki toy encapsulates a story, a testament to resilience, and a celebration of culture. Embark on the journey through Darzah's inception with Zeki and bring home toys that hold profound significance. (https://www.zekilearning.org/

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