Darzah and its Artisans in the West Bank Amidst 2023’s Turmoil

Darzah and its Artisans in the West Bank Amidst 2023’s Turmoil

The Palestinian landscape has historically faced various threats, yet the situation has escalated to harrowing levels since October 2023, marked by bombed houses, countless lives lost, and critical infrastructure like hospitals destroyed. More than 10,000 individuals have tragically perished, while an uncountable number of Palestinians endure injuries and suffering, devoid of basic necessities like food, water, and healthcare. Among the affected regions, the Gaza Strip has borne the brunt of these tragic events


The West Bank

 Despite these challenges, we at Darzah stand resolutely with the people of Palestine. As a nonprofit brand, we are dedicated to offering authentic handmade products crafted by our Palestinian artisans. Our artisan centre is located in the West Bank, and even the West Bank has faced attacks from Israel, prompting us to halt production every now and then because of the situation. Unfortunately, we are unable to collaborate with our shoe makers in this tough time. 

Tatreez: More Than Art, a Symbol of Artisan’s Resilience

For our small team of Palestinian women, Darzah isn’t just a brand; it embodies strength, hope, and resilience. Beyond being an economic support system, Darzah is their family. The art of Tatreez not only reflects their resilience but also preserves their Palestinian identity and culture for the world to witness. Our artisans share a deep emotional connection with Darzah, engaging in creative brainstorming, design endeavours, and everyday conversations. The artisan centre serves as a second home, a place where they cook, share tea, and find solace.

Darzah Artisan Center in West Bank

Given the ongoing attacks and incessant bombings, we made the difficult decision to temporarily close our centre in mid October, prioritising the safety of our artisans. In the face of adversity, one of our artisans, Rahaf, remains unwavering just like others. Despite personal hardships—her family member being injured—Rahaf remains steadfast in her commitment to Darzah. To her, Darzah symbolises strength, a voice against the prevailing crisis, a means to keep the art of Tatreez genuine and vibrant, spreading its essence worldwide. We deeply admire our artisans' resilience and unwavering dedication to Darzah.

Prayers for a Brighter Future

Our centre serves as more than just a workplace; it's the primary source of income for our artisans. We express immense gratitude for the support and patronage we've received from our customers during these challenging times. Our sole aspiration is to preserve Palestinian culture, heritage, and the spirit of Palestine itself alive amidst these trying circumstances.

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