Street Foods in Palestine

Street Foods in Palestine

Street foods are one of the best ways to better understand the culture of a new city or country. Here is a round-up of some of the tastiest street foods in Palestine. 


Kunafa or Knafeh Nabulsieh

The above photo is of a Kunafa vendor in the old city of Nablus which has been running for generations.

Knafeh is a Middle Eastern dessert made of wheat flour or semolina-like dough with layers of cheese and pistachios soaked in sweet syrup. In Palestine and around the Middle East, the knafeh made in Nablus is called Knafeh Nabulsieh which is famous for its use of the sour Nablus cheese.

According to many stories and legends, Kanafeh was invented in the Syrian city of Damascus sometime in the 7th century by Muawayah I, Umayyad Dynasty’s first caliph. It’s said that it was used as a fulfilling, rich suhoor meal (morning meal eaten before fasting).

We love this Knafeh recipe by Heifa from Fufu in the Kitchen. Check it out here.


 Ka’ak bread


Ka’ak bread is a ring shaped bread covered in sesame seeds. It is commonly sold by street vendor around the Middle East. It is usually eaten as a snack and paired with Za’atar. 

In Palestine, people consider the Ka’ak bread sold in Al Quds, Jerusalem as the very best. It could be because of the old wood fire ovens that it is made in or simply the feel of the old City but many Palestinians say that even the Ka’ak bread sold in neighboring towns/cities doesn’t taste quite as good as in Jerusalem.
Check out the recipe here.


 Manakeesh bread


Manakeesh bread is a popular Levantine flatbread that is topped with cheese, thyme, Za’atar or ground meat. Nowadays, there are various toppings available. 

It makes for a great breakfast snack. 
Check out the recipe here.




Falafel are well-known round-shaped fritters made out of chickpeas beans. It’s a popular food in Middle Eastern countries and amongst many vegetarians today. It is also the national food of Egypt and Palestine. In modern times, it is often wrapped in pita bread or taboon bread and served with vegetables.

Check out the recipe here.




Zalabia is a sweet fritter made with wheat flour. In Palestine, Zalabia is a popular sweet dish in winter as it coincides with the post-olive harvest season and is fried in olive oil.
Check out the recipe here.

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