Threads of Resilience: Celebrating Darzah’s 6th Birthday

Threads of Resilience: Celebrating Darzah’s 6th Birthday


Did you know that 45% of small businesses don’t make it past 5 years? Darzah has been able to tap into the essence of Palestinian heritage and community, creating products that resonate with conscious consumers. We truly believe that these values along with our commitment to quality and ethical production practices has contributed to our market resilience. 

In a world of grim statistics for small businesses and forgotten community development projects, we attribute our success to empowering women and bringing economic opportunity to the community. On our 6th anniversary, we look deeper into what  this day means for us, our artisans, and our valued  customers. 

Marking 6 Years of Purpose and Progress 


As Darzah sees itself through our 6th year of existence, we highlight how resistance has always been at its forefront. The past 6 years have seen us thrive, expanding in ways we did not think were possible.

In an era of fast fashion and mass production, Darzah has set itself apart. We build bridges between the past and the present, bringing to light the narrative of Palestinian history and resilience. Every piece of apparel and decor is a testament to the cultural wealth of the region and to the talented hands of a Palestinian woman.

Empowering Women, the Guiding Stars of Darzah

Seeing success in our mission has also meant assisting the people who have done the most for Darzah, our valued artisans. On our shared journey, our artisans have participated in courses, rewarding for both their professional and personal growth. These training courses help upskill and better equip the artisans with a deeper understanding of leatherworking and shoemaking through these courses.

In a region where women face various challenges to proactively seek economic opportunities, the income and community we’ve created over the past 6 years has given our artisans the stability needed to create larger dreams for themselves and our organisation. 

Weaving Social Impact into the Fabric of our Success 


The resilience of Darzah is testament to staying true to who we are. Uncompromising entrepreneurship in a region like the West Bank has enabled the upliftment of so many individuals, along with bringing economic opportunities to where it matters most. Darzah itself came about as a result of the group of mothers who approached us voicing their desire for change in the status quo.

In a world where the journey of a small business can be treacherous, and the complexities of operating a business may present a challenge to most, Darzah sees them as our strengths. The uncompromising dedication we feel toward our communities helps us with the passion and purpose we need to thrive. 

We are truly proud of how far we have come. Darzah now looks to the future with hopeful promise for our artisans and the Tatreez and Tahriri traditions we seek to safeguard. We have multiple projects in the pipeline and are elated to continue the movement, empowering women and communities in Palestine.

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